ÉAU (Urban Food Ecosystems) is an urban agriculture company specializing in aquaponics: an innovative and ecological food production system

We develop vertical aquaponic farms that produce fresh, healthy and local foods – vegetables, fruit and fish – all year round regardless of climatic conditions in order to contribute to the community’s food empowerment.

What is our vision?

By establishing aquaponic production systems, ÉAU wants to help develop a collaborative local economy based primarily on three interdependent concepts: efficiency, resilience and the empowerment of local people. Efficiency is achieved through the cyclical use of resources; resilience is a state of constant evolution, in which ingenuity and the ability to adapt are combined in order to meet any challenge head on; the empowerment of local people is achieved through education, inclusion, and mobilization.


What sets us apart?

ÉAU is dedicated to developing one of the world’s most innovative and efficient aquaponic food production systems. Our systems will serve neighbourhoods where quality groceries are hard to come by, food deserts, providing good jobs and education about the environment. In the near future, we aim to operate systems whose energy structure will be completely sustainable and renewable. These systems will allow fruit, vegetables, and fish to be produced twelve months out of the year, all without relying on the petrochemical industry, harming the fragility of our ecosystems or worsening climate change. We are also looking for all kinds of partners to collaborate with us on improving food security and food democratization.


What are our values?

As a social enterprise, we believe that genuine change takes root in society through the individuals who support it. That is why we have made the choice to act with and within the community and offer concrete solutions that actively contribute to the well-being of all types of ecosystems, be they natural, economic, urban, or human.