Aquaponic Farms

At ÉAU we develop vertical aquaponic farms to give communities their food autonomy. We co-design them with citizens according to local needs, we build them in a suitable space and we accompany the projects in time to ensure their perenniality


ÉAU’s vertical aquaponic farms


Our aquaponic farms produce vegetables, fruits and fish all year round regardless of weather conditions. This is particularly relevant in northern climates, as in Quebec, where conventional agriculture is limited to a few months per year.



Aquaponics: a technology based on the natural symbiosis between plants and fish

Aquaponics is a closed-loop food production system that creates a symbiosis between aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in aqueous solutions). Aquaponics uses the nutrient-rich waters of aquaculture to feed the plants. The water filtered through their root system can then be returned to the fish basins. This circular symbiosis makes it one of the most ecological, efficient and productive food production systems in the world. Thanks in particular to its verticality and to the increased development of the root system of plants, aquaponics generates up to ten times more yield per square meter than conventional agriculture.



Verticality, Circularity and Automation for Diversity and Efficiency

Our aquaponic farms are capable of producing, with excellent yields, tens of different types of fruits and vegetables, and four species of fish, originating in Quebec.








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