Aquaponics internship

Aquaponics internship 

Internship offer

ÉAU presentation: 

ÉAU (Écosystèmes Alimentaires Urbains) is a company that specializes in aquaponics, an integrated food production system. We develop commercial aquaponic farms that produce fresh, nutrient-packed produce – vegetable, fruit, and fish – year-round, no matter the weather conditions.

Our mission is to increase food sufficiency and participate in the transition to low environmental impact agriculture whilst accompanying individuals and organizations that wish to install aquaponic farms, an integrated food production system.

Job description: 

 The intern will be involved in each of the LabÉAU’s operations, the first non-institutional aquaponics laboratory in Quebec. The LabÉAU will serve as a platform for technological development on diverse subjects, such as aquaponics process optimization. We will lead multiple R&D activities related to aquaculture, water treatment, and horticultural production. Under the supervision of the science director, the intern will work on different research projects.  

What you will do: 

    • Perform maintenance and servicing routines for the aquaponics system 
    • Attend the fish feeding 
    • Follow up on physicochemical water parameters using a spectrophotometer and other equipment 
    • Harvest, measure and weigh horticultural crops 
    • Collaborate with aquaculture experts to monitor fish growth (weight-size) and observe behavior to prevent diseases 
    • Enforce research protocols 
    • Collaborate with horticultural experts to achieve a variety of tasks related to crop protection such as plant screening and phytosanitary monitoring 
    • Use and maintain diverse electronic and mechanical materials and equipment 
    • Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the laboratory
    • Participate in writing lab reports 
    • Collaborate with the rest of the team   


  • Rigor and sense of observation 
  • Curiosity and interest in science 
  • Laboratory experience, an asset 
  • Studies related to biology, agriculture, or any other related field 
  • Ability to do manual labor 
  • Motivation and ability to work autonomously 
  • Good writing skills in French and English
  • Proficiency in using Google suites (Drive, Chat, Agenda, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) 

Work details:

  • Entry date: As soon as possible 
  • Part-time or full-time internship 
  • Duration: 4 to 12 months 
  • Salary according to experience, profile, and the salary grid of the company 
  • Flexible hours, but requires hour-long tours on Saturdays

Employment equity:

We particularly encourage the following individuals to apply: women, indigenous, immigrants, visible minorities, LBTQIA2S+. This list is not extensive and we recognize that these experiences may be crossed.

How to apply:

Do our values meet yours? Apply by filling out the form and sending your CV.