ÉAU: 20 years of experience in aquaponics for the benefit of food autonomy within communities.

ÉAU’s team collectively combines more than 20 years of experience in aquaponics, with more than 30 aquaponics systems conceived and managed in five countries.

We are currently working with a dozen of communities spread throughout Quebec: entrepreneurs, community-based organizations, nonprofits and cooperatives as well as some Indigenous communities. With these portraits, discover 3 of the communities we are working with everyday to develop local and autonomous aquaponic farms.


Serres Urbaines Notre-Dame (SUN) is a community organization committed to the revitalization of the Old-Gatineau neighbourhood.

Serres Urbaines Notre-Dame is a community organization that is committed to the revitalization of the Old-Gatineau neighbourhood. Strongly established within the region, SUN is the leader of an Aquaponic Complex in Gatineau that plans on contributing to the food security and economic vitality of the region, which faces numerous social and economic challenges.

Impacts targeted by the project:

  • 10 jobs created, directly and indirectly
  • 37 tons of fruits and vegetables produced per year
  • 20 tons of Rainbow Trout produced per year

SUN is currently working with ÉAU for the technical conception of the Aquaponic Complex and for the establishment of strategic partnerships.


The Aquaponic complex of St-Félicien rallies entrepreneurs from Lac St-Jean that are actively involved in the renewal of local agriculture.

Stemming from the partnership of entrepreneurs native to Lac-St-Jean, the Aquaponic Complex is composed of food-producing aquaponic farms and an educative and touristic center that is opened to the public. Supported by local partners with experience in domains such as eco-housing and energy efficiency, the project leaders hope to create a flagship project in terms of low-impact local agriculture for the region of Lac-St-Jean.

Impacts targeted by the project:

  • Year-round production of fruits, vegetables and fish that will be distributed regionally
  • Reduce the rural exodus by creating quality jobs
  • Test the production of local species for the Boreal forest

With the entire conception completed, the local entrepreneurs are now working with ÉAU to secure funding and start the construction of the farm.


The aquaponic farm of Whapmagoostui is a local and autonomous food production system for the Cree community close to the 55th parallel.

Inaccessible by car and outside of the hydroelectricity network, the Whapmagoostui community faces important challenges of food security and wishes to develop a food production system on its territory. The project, lead directly by the community, aims at producing a wide array of fruits, vegetables and fish carefully selected by its members and that will be made available to the community all year-long. Another goal of the project is local job creation that will work in concert with schools within the community.

Impacts targeted by the project:

  • Offer fresh and local food all year-round
  • Create jobs within the community
  • Create an innovative project while respecting Cree traditions and culture

The co-creation with community leaders and members along with ÉAU has lead to the conception of an aquaponic farm that is adapted to local needs and constraints. Technical and financial work is currently underway.


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