Support for projects contributing
to food autonomy

We work hand-in-hand with individuals and communities desiring to develop solutions for innovating food production systems in the region through two (2) main activities:
– The creation of aquaponic farms
– The contribution to an aquaponic farm network


The development of aquaponic farms: from co-creation to autonomy

Phase 1: Analysis and conception

It all starts with co-creation. The project leaders and other community members are brought together to think about the project and imagine how the farms could help answer the expectations and needs of the regions. A food mapping exercise as well as a social analysis is urdergone to better understand the challenges faced by the community in terms of food security. ÉAU’s team conceives the farm’s technical and regulatory plans and works with the project leaders on the farm’s business plan. Farms need to be profitable to be sustainable: this is why our aquaponic farms are based on tailored marketing strategies that create a balance between maximization of social impact and economic profitability.


Phase 2: Construction

Once the project is validated and financed, ÉAU manages the construction and the assembly of the aquaponic system with its partners – architects, experts, engineers, contractors, etc. Our technologies and equipment are installed by our specialists and the system is inaugurated. The first seeds are planted, the fish are put in the water and the system comes to life. With the project leaders highly-involved in the process, ÉAU makes sure that the operations are run smoothly and that best management practices are put forward.


Phase 3: Training

The goal of this phase is to transfer all the knowledge and know-how essential for the autonomy of the future operators and managers. The people hired by the organization are often from the community or the region. This training is a multi-step process that is flexible and adaptable, combining theories and practices that will follow the team in all its production cycles over the course of the upcoming months. Also, the integrated management system is installed and designed to serve a a guide for the operators in their operations in order to make the farm autonomous and continually independent.



A network of aquaponic farms sharing the same values

Once the aquaponic farm is developed and autonomous, the individuals and the community have the possibility to join the ÉAU Network. This network is managed by ÉAU, based on the gathering and sharing of different aquaponic farms that share the same values. This network offers many services:

  • Shared purchases: Shared purchases of hydroponic and aquacultural enrichments to reduce costs. Representation in front of agricultural institutions, ministries, etc.
  • Brand and marketing: Promotion through a strong brand, sharing of marketing and promotion tools, sharing of new market opportunities.
  • Access to ÉAU’s integrated management system: all farm operators have access to tools dedicated to operational optimization, testing and development of aquaponic innovations.
  • Sharing of innovations and of best practices between all farms part of the network.
  • Technical assistance and maintenance: 24/7 emergency technical assistance, maintenance and reparations, and continuous training for farm operators and managers.


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