Julien Le Net

Co-founder and Head of development

Julien is a seasoned specialist in strategy and social innovation. Engineer graduated from the National School Veterinary, Food and Food of Nantes (ONIRIS) and with a master’s degree in economics and management from Audencia Business School. Julien has 10 years of experience in developing circular business models for companies.

At ÉAU he is responsible for project development and the strategic growth of the company.

Benjamin Laramée

Co-founder and Scientific director

Benjamin is one of the rare references in aquaponics in Quebec. He graduated with a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in animal sciences from Laval University and has a Certificate in Recirculating aquaculture from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY as well as a bachelor’s degree in biology from UQTR. He who cumulates 10 years experience, is looking to put forward food production that encourages biodiversity.

Within ÉAU, he directs the technical team and participates in the advancement of technology while developing research and development projects.

Kim Zakaïb

Chief operating officer

With a career spanning more than 20 years as a partner in an architectural firm and an EMBA degree obtained in 2017, Kim has successfully led multidisciplinary teams in the field of commercial architecture, while distinguishing herself in the development of digital experiences and the management of SAAS software.

As Chief Operating Officer at ÉAU, Kim brings expertise in strategic planning, client, project and partner management. She oversees a multidisciplinary team through efficient work processes and powerful management tools.

Alexis Siedlaczek

Technical coordinator

Alexis graduate in project management and aquaculture production at CREUFOP as well as in marine and cellular biology at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in Marseille and the University of Strasbourg. He cumulates many years as an independent consultant specializing in the engineering of aquaponics and aquaculture production systems (RAS). He has been able to design, implement and operate a variety of commercial production systems.

As ÉAU’s expert in aquaponics and aquaculture, Alexis sees to the optimization of the production systems and their ergonomics.

Zoé Turcotte

Project manager

With a multidisciplinary profile, Zoé is a project manager at ÉAU. She has graduated with a Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development – Social Issues and Governance – at the University of Montreal. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in communications – public relations – at UQAM and is an accounting and management technician.

As a project manager, Zoé works with ÉAU’s team and stakeholders in the development of projects. She also finds innovative tools and practices to improve the social and environmental impact of our projects.

Elsido Alvarez Suarez

Aquaculture expert

Elsido has a technical diploma in aquaculture as well as a DVS in industrial design. He cumulates close to 10 years of professional experience in the aquaculture industry. He has worked in research centers, teaching establishments, and for the Government of Quebec.

As an expert and consultant in aquaculture, Elsido sees to the development and the conception of commercial aquaponics systems.

Jean-François Ruel

Aquaponics technician

A graduate in computer management from the University of Sherbrooke, Jean-François has more than 20 years as a developer, analyst and teacher in computer science. He also has a technical degree and good experience in aquaculture.

As an aquaponics technician, he is responsible for the operations of ÉAU’s aquaponics research and development laboratory.

Zachary Mason

Horticulture Consultant

Having a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Zachary founded an urban vertical farm, AVÉ, in 2020. With his expertise in agro-ecology, efficient operations, and industrial design in the field of controlled environment agriculture, he optimizes plant growth by focusing on the efficiency and reliability of integrated agricultural systems.

As a horticulture consultant at ÉAU, he participates in the design and optimization of horticultural systems.

Joanie-Alexia Caya

Horticulture Technician

A graduate of a DEP in horticultural production, Joanie is currently completing her technique in horticultural production and the environment at Collège Lionel-Groulx.

As a horticulture technician at ÉAU, Joanie participates in plant production activities, screening and research for optimal plant growth.

Louis Millette

Administrative Manager

A graduate of an MBA from HEC Montréal and a B.A.A – accounting profile – from UQTR, Louis has more than 8 years of experience in banks as a relationship manager as well as more than 3 years as treasurer in NPOs.

As administrative manager at ÉAU, he manages the accounting, administrative and human resources aspects of the organization.

Yves Sagnières

Finance manager

Holder of an MBA from INSEAD and a DESS in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Montreal, Yves has solid experience in project and team management, financial forecasting and analysis, as well as research of financing.

In his role as Finance manager at ÉAU, Yves is responsible for the financial structuring of the company’s projects. He develops concrete financial strategies and arrangements and actively seeks funding, thus contributing to the financial success of ÉAU initiatives and its clients.

Thierry Kotchoni

Project manager

Thierry holds a diploma in specialized studies in the management of animal and plant resources in tropical environments from the University of Liège and an additional master’s degree in water resources from the Catholic University of Louvain. Passionate about innovations in family farming, he has more than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of food security projects in West Africa.

As a specialist in tropical environments, he collaborates with ÉAU in the development of aquaponic farm projects in West Africa.

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