ÉAU Team

Julien Le Net
Co-founder and Head of Development

Julien is a seasoned specialist in strategy and social innovation. Engineer graduated from the National School Veterinary, Food and Food of Nantes (ONIRIS) and with a master’s degree in economics and management from Audencia Business School. Julien has 10 years of experience in developing circular business models for companies.

At ÉAU he is responsible for project development and the strategic growth of the company.

Benjamin Laramée
Co-founder and Scientific Director

Benjamin is one of the rare references in aquaponics in Quebec. He graduated with a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in animal sciences from Laval University and has a Certificate in Recirculating aquaculture from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY as well as a bachelor’s degree in biology from UQTR. He who cumulates 10 years experience, is looking to put forward food production that encourages biodiversity.

Within ÉAU, he directs the technical team and participates in the advancement of technology while developing research and development projects. 

Josée-Anne Bouchard

Josée-Anne graduated with a certificate in sociology, a bachelor’s degree in business and administration as well as a master’s degree in environment and sustainable development. She cumulates years of experience in management and project development promoting local food accessibility and has also worked as an analyst on multiple sustainable development projects and social responsibility in Quebec and internationally.

Within ÉAU she participates in the strategic management and finance of the company.

Alexis Siedlaczek

Expert in aquaponics and aquaculture

Alexis graduate in project management and aquaculture production at CREUFOP as well as in marine and cellular biology at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in Marseille and the University of Strasbourg. He cumulates many years as an independent consultant specializing in the engineering of aquaponics and aquaculture production systems (RAS). He has been able to design, implement and operate a variety of commercial production systems.

As ÉAU’s expert in aquaponics and aquaculture, Alexis sees to the optimization of the production systems and their ergonomics.   

Zoé Turcotte

With a multidisciplinary profile, Zoé is a project manager at ÉAU. She has graduated with a Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development – Social Issues and Governance – at the University of Montreal. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in communications – public relations – at UQAM and is an accounting and management technician.

As a project manager, Zoé works with ÉAU’s team and stakeholders in the development of projects. She also finds innovative tools and practices to improve the social and environmental impact of our projects. 

Elsido Alvarez Suarez
Aquaculture consultant

Elsido has a technical diploma in aquaculture as well as a DVS in industrial design. He cumulates close to 10 years of professional experience in the aquaculture industry. He has worked in research centers, teaching establishments, and for the Government of Quebec.

As an expert and consultant in aquaculture, Elsido sees to the development and the conception of commercial aquaponics systems.

Noémie Gauthier

Noémie has a degree in industrial engineering with a major in business system information engineering. In her journey, she has worked as a civil engineer, in urban planning, in the manufacturing field, and in software development.

As a project manager, she uses her varied knowledge to develop quality projects that will be beneficial for our society and future generations. 

Laurent Boucher
Agronomist Indoor Horticulture Advisor

Laurent graduated in General Agronomy from Laval University and is a member of the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec (OAQ). He specializes in Plant Factory-type vertical agriculture. His specific areas of expertise are artificial lighting and the development of soil-less substrates.

As an agronomist, Laurent conceives horticultural systems for greenhouses and plant factories. He works with ÉAU’s teams and their partners in the development of commercial aquaponics farms.   

Andréa Diallo-Blais
Communications Coordinator

Andrea graduated with a Master’s degree in Marketing and obtained a certificate in applied communications from the University of Sherbrooke. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Action at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her interests lie in communications and message transmission.

As ÉAU’s communications coordinator she is responsible for online community management as well as developing communication strategies. She has joined ÉAU’s team in hopes of maximizing the company’s message reach.

Fatima Zahra Benlamlih
Horticultural consultant

Fatima holds a master’s degree in soil and environment from Laval University, and a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute in Morocco. She has worked on various research projects as well as on smart fertilization.

As an expert horticultural advisor at ÉAU, Fatima will bring her expertise to bear on a variety of topics such as fertilization, soilless production, and greenhouse cultivation. 

Louis Balsan
Energy efficiency expert

Louis graduated in physical engineering with a concentration in power electronics. A versatile course that allowed him to easily integrate into the energy efficiency sector. He started in the residential sector and acquired skills in construction and energy efficiency. He is notably trained with ASHRAE for climate control, and is RETScreen Expert in order to carry out energy audits and ISO-14064-2. Louis collaborates with ÉAU as an external consultant. 

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